Revisiting Appendicular Lump

  • R S Bhandari Department of Surgery, TU Teaching Hospital,Kathmandu
  • DK Thakur Department of Surgery, TU Teaching Hospital,Kathmandu
  • KP Singh Department of Surgery, TU Teaching Hospital,Kathmandu



Appendicular lump is a well known sequalae of acute appendicitis encountered in 2-6% of patients. Successful management of appendicular lump is controversial with different approaches. As many controversies are arising regarding management of appendicular lump. The aim of this study was to find out the outcome and evaluate possible need of changing our management strategy of appendicular lump.


A retrospective analysis of the patients managed with appendicular lump were done. All the patients admitted with diagnosis of appendicular lump and managed between, over two and half years, were included in the study. All age groups and both sex were included. Any patients whose diagnosis was changed after initial diagnosis of appendicular lump were excluded from the study.


Total 75 patients had appendicular lump suggesting 10% incidence. Age varied between 11-83 years with nearly equal incidence in both sexes. Majority had onset of symptoms between 2 to 14 days with an average of 4 days. Average stay was 3 to 4 days. During study period, 12 (16%) came with recurrence and 13 (17%) cases came for elective appendectomy.


Based on our finding, it is not sufficient to change our classical management strategy of appendicular lump and suggests a need for long term prospective study in this very common clinical condition. 

KEYWORDS: appendicular lump, conservative management.

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