Prognostic Value of Baseline High-Sensitivity C–Reactive Protein in Patients Undergoing Replacement Arthroplasty

  • S Ghosh Department of Orthopaedics, National Medical College, Kolkata
  • Suhrita Paul Department of Pharmacology, Medical College, Kolkata
  • D P Bhattacharjee Department of Anesthesiology, National Medical College, Kolkata
  • P Ghosh Department of Community Medicine, Medical College, Kolkata
  • N Chatterjee Calcutta Medical Research Institute, Kolkata


Introduction:A prospective hospital based blinded study was carried out in an orthopedics
department in a medical college hospital of Kolkata, West Bengal, India, with the objective of
assessing the role of pre-operative high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP) level in predicting
postoperative complications in replacement arthroplasty.
Methods:One hundred and twenty one study subjects were selected. The blood collected in pre-operative, perioperative and postoperative states were stored and fi nally analyzed after the data
collection was over after the stipulated follow-up time of post operative Day-14. The patients were
divided into two groups according to baseline hsCRP level <3mg/dl and >3mg/dl. The other
preoperative parameters measured were found to be statistically comparable.
Results: Among important fi ndings, operative time was signifi cantly higher in the group with
hsCRP>3mg/dl, postoperative complication rate was also signifi cantly more in that group.
Postoperative complication in Day-7 though quite high among both the groups (45% and 50.9%), the
difference was not statistically signifi cant. Comparison of hsCRP levels at baseline, perioperative,
postoperative D7 and D14 also showed no significant changes.
Conclusions:We concluded that high hsCRP level(>3mg/dl), in patients with apparently no other
risk factors may be at higher risk of developing complications after post operative D14 of replacement
arthroplasty and operative time also signifi cantly increases with high baseline hsCRP level.
Key Words: postoperative morbidity, reactive protein, replacement arthroplasty

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